Xanthium species

burrTemptation sits idle along every path a man might walk.  It does not have the sense to desire you.  It simply remains, deadly and dishonorable.

It waits with senselessness to bring shame to anyone who would stop to admire it.  And when the soul begins to admire sin, dishonor flourishes.

Temptation is no better or worse if a soul drinks its poison.  It is the man, who reals about, blind, drunk, and dying.  Temptation simply sits waiting to be consumed.

Men think of temptation as if it were an enemy.  Temptation is not smart enough to be aggressive.  No.  The enemy is not temptation.  The enemy is folly that is bound up in the desire of the man.

With our desire we dishonor the One who made us.  With our desire we destroy our legacy.  With desire we make the choice to be useless and damaging.  The one who desires temptation is the one who owns his own choice.


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