Children Never Conceived

Blessed are those who did not become.  Blessed are the children who were never born; those who are the result of changed desire of a husband for his wife.

When I consider the plight of the rebellious, I see the beauty of those children who were not conceived.   The husband said to himself, “I will desire my wife, that we might make a child”.  Yet, by circumstance, he changed his mind.   Blessed are those who did not take shape in the womb, that they might rise up into a rebellious people.

Woe to those who are the product of fruitful desire, yet spend their entire life as enemies of the Most High God!  Woe to them, for they will receive all the promises of God against that which is not His.

Woe to the rebellious, for they were born for no reason.  Woe to the futile ungodly life.  Woe to those who hate what is good and cling to every evil.  Woe to the enemies of the Living God.