It’s Going Terminal

The doctor said America’s sickness may be terminal.

He recommended daily ethics exercises, the majority of which should be done from the kneeling position.

He did not recommend heavy lifting; the lifting of one’s hands is best, given the ailment.

He also suggested that America might want to join a therapeutic group; one that can lay out a clear path to recovery.

I asked him if he had any particular group he would suggest more than all the others.

“Yes.” He said. “I have found that the only group capable of rectifying this kind of emergency, was the group they call ‘The Way'”.

And he recommended strongly that America should distance itself from those who simply give up and die.

I asked him what caused this. He told me it was a drug addiction.

America has been drinking the poison of liars for far too long.

What we really need is a prescription of truth elixir. But he was afraid to prescribe it because the patient is so weak.


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