Do we see what we are?  Or is our brain stuck in religion?  Do we hope for the best while we live in the worst?  Or do we actively search for release?

God will give glory to that which is glorious.  How can we possibly let ourselves be deceived?

Kelly Willard sang a song about willingness, “If you don’t have a willing heart ask him to give you one”.  It is wise to answer now.  Do we even ask for help?

The lumps are coming.  Will you take yours today or receive them in full measure at the coming day of revealing?  If we are covered with shame now, it does no good to ignore it.

Decades ago I read a story of a thief who was caught.  When they put the handcuffs on, he asked the sheriff how he knew.  The sheriff gave him a very odd look.  “Son, you have a birthmark that covers half your face!”

Let’s try hard to find a mirror.


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