The Fire of Emotion

From the Blues of Johnny Winter to the sweet song of Mommy with a nursery rhyme.  The function of music is to embrace emotion.

I watched Johnny Winter play.  Getting past his looks, his involvement in his music is kind of scary.  I can’t help but wonder whose emotion is he embracing?

There are only two spirits in this world.  One is of love, the other is of abandon.  Whose spirit embraces the music you listen to?

“The Faith”

“The Faith”

Teaches what is Holy;
What is unknown,
How to understand,
How to endure,
How to “become”.

Temptation must come;
In the form of ailment,
In the form of beckoning toward sin,
In the form of fear,
With the threat of destruction,
Yet with the opportunity to glorify the Living God’s Holy Son.

Do we understand these things?  Of course we have.  The question to us all is this:
Why do we not apply what we know we understand?