Last night the Lord returned in his Glory, taking all those who were wise enough to be “awake”.  If you are reading this you have missed the day of his appearing.

It is now your lot to endure the wrath of God.  You are, as has been said, “Left Behind”.

Is there fear in your soul as you read those words? 

I say with surety, they are only a warning.  The Glorious Lord Jesus is yet to be dispatched.  But when that day comes there will surely be many more mornings.

Mornings of terror. 
Mornings of hopeless rage. 
Mornings of famine. 
Mornings of plague.  
Mornings of war. 
Mornings of difficulty this world has never seen.

This may very well be the last day you have, to receive God in the fullness His wisdom has determined to give to Man.  Worship the Living God in Christ His only Son, or perish through the Promised Enduring.


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