Rather, Be Trivial

We are taught to give up.

We are taught to be trivial.

“Do these things and you will be satisfied.

Abstain from the things of God;

See how complicated and unknown are God’s things to man.

See how many versions of God scream to be first.

See how it is right to give up the search.

Be satisfied with what you have, and do not seek more than is reasonable.”

Rather be trivial.

Rather live with the love that you have.

Rather be diligent with the things you already know how to do.

Perceive the beautiful things of living life;

among your fellow men,

Among the sustaining of this world.

Among the limitations of chaos,

Among the decaying pattern of this place,

And among the innate desire to laugh.

Truth says clearly:

“You KNOW this is not the sum of things.

You KNOW there is More to be had.

You KNOW the ways of man are not the fullness of life.

You KNOW you will one day cease here.

You KNOW you will be inspected with absolute scrutiny.

Do you KNOW the name of the One who will inspect?


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