“Where’s the Beef?”

We are told not to judge others.  Why?  We judge the traffic lights.  We judge how high we can jump.  We judge whether something is going to hurt us or not.  We judge whether something can be profitable.  We judge everything all the time.  So what do they mean when they say we are not allowed to judge others?

If you went to a dinner at someone’s house and there was no food, wouldn’t you make the right judgment, and figure out quickly, you’re not going to eat here?  Would it be judging the host to mention that there is no food?  Would we be judging him to ask why?

I have noticed something about society that others never mention.  And I know people will think I am judging them when I mention it. 

The fact is, they are judging me for the words that I’m about to say.  Somehow the word judgment became synonymous with comparison or assessment.  Its not the same idea folks!  What people mean when they don’t allow us to judge is that what we’re saying to them hurts.  “Get over it.”


Other than cursing, where the word “God” among us?

We don’t even say god bless you, unless someone sneezes.  But even then, we may simply say, “Bless you”. 

It’s true!  Am I judging others because I point this out?

I understand the reason why we don’t tell others about the Gospel.  It’s simply a matter of fear.  Or the response quickly comes,  “It’s just not socially acceptable”.

But I can’t explain why even the three letter word “God” is absolutely absent from conversations in public.  I have to admit I’m astounded and dumbfounded at realizing this this morning.

Have you ever been to a store where the teller said, “May God bless you” as you left?  Do you realize how out of place that would be?  Have we have become accustom to speaking like an absolutely godless nation, or what!

We greet one another with every possible variety of greeting (other than the mention of God). 

And lest you think I’m being stupid here, blessing each other in the name of God had been a tradition since the beginning of Man.  Not anymore, huh.

Let the reader answer for himself,.  But the question is obvious, “why”. 

Don’t you think this is rather conspicuous?  Why doesn’t anybody ask about this!

(I wrote this on Facebook first.  But in the short time it takes to cut and paste, I felt anger as I put it here.  I don’t think the anger is mine.)


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