Duct Tape

No one does what he doesn’t know how to do.

Isn’t that the reason for duct tape?

The verse of the day from Bible Gateway is from Psalm 119.  “I will praise you with an upright heart as I learn your righteous laws.”

All I knew before His Law came to my ears was lie, cheat, manipulate, refuse, and disobey.  It was when His Holy Ways came to me that I learned to restrain my evil.

But I see man strive to do what he thinks is right, without looking into the Holy Law of God.  In the things of life, both in body and soul, I see men use duct tape to fix what it takes eternal Righteousness to fix.

No one makes his own duct tape.  He has to go to the store to get what he wants.

You know the next connection of thought.





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