Valid Optimism?

There is an optimistic hope among Christians.  Many say that history proves, when times get evil humanity turns to God.  That can be proven with even an overview of history. 

But in every place of history, the people still had a reverence for God.  What ever variety gods came in, the people held tightly to their beliefs.  At some point the people had enough and turned away from emptiness.

Why do I think today is different?
1. The young people are raised to question even the existence of God.
2. Technology takes the place of independent thinking.
3. Responsible behavior is being eroded by a variety of welfare mentalities.
4. Superstition has become a multi billion dollar corporation (worldwide).
5. Vanity has become the primary motivation of nearly every man, woman and child.
6. Trivia has replaced an educated perspective of history.
7. Immorality has not only become the norm, it is an expected behavior.
8. Greed and aberrant behavior is beginning to find expressions that were previously unheard of.
9. Violence is rising in unprecedented mass.
10. I do not see the people searching for the living God.  I see them searching for peace. (no matter what that means)

These are only 10.  I suspect there’s a hundred subdivisions.  I suspect there’s geographical exclusions.  And I’m not positive that my assumptions are on the money.  But I think there’s enough reason to be rather pessimistic.


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