Why the Wrath, Here?

I sat with the Holy One, reflecting on the nature of things in this world.  I saw that His Holy Wisdom has been loosed in this Place of Testing; a Great display of His Majesty to sustain life, even among a people who detest His Holy Right to Rule.  Then I settled on a question.  “If the destruction of the wicked will surely come to pass, why bring the volume of the seven seals among Man?”

I did not mean to judge His Holy Wisdom to seal the end of this Place of Testing with violence.  I simply did not understand the necessity to bring the plagues upon humanity, since the destruction of rebellion will surely come to pass.

I asked this question.  He told me to go and write, as is the custom of revelation between He and I.  He spoke to Moses face to face.  He speaks to many in dreams.  He has spoken to me in the means of writing.

Let understanding come as it will.  The following is His answer.

They will receive (even in their place of flesh; even in this “place of testing”), the due penalty for their willful ignorance.  The punishment of wickedness will certainly begin while the consummation of the war against evil rolls toward finality.

It is not the state of man to endure this war.  It is not Man for whom this war has been engaged.  But it is the state of those who side with the unholy one to endure the same “ripping away of willful disobedience”.  Those who desire to side with evil will certainly endure that taste of coming and sure destruction.  All that belongs to the hands of the accuser will suffer loss, even while those hands are busily destroying.  Man is caught in the war between God and the accuser, whether he desires to be involved or not.

It is Man who is become the display of contention.  It is Man who is either saved for the Glory of Christ, or it is Man who is delivered to humiliation for the sake of he who is humiliated for his accusation against the Holy One Forever.


Who can understand the Holy Wisdom of the Most High God?  What man can speak of the beauty that belongs to He who Lives Forever?  As we endure in His Marvelous Mercy, so the wicked will surely endure in His Marvelous, Righteous, Just, and Eternally Powerful Wrath.  May the will of the Living God be done forever, and that in His Holy and Righteous Living Son, Jesus the Christ.  Amen.


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