How Sad

All day long the truth lays bare, as the Sun lights the world.  But how pathetic it is to witness how billions live their lives as if there were no truth at all.

Living every moment of everyday with worthless concerns, they pass through this world as if there was no eternity.  Didn’t Jesus weep over Jerusalem for the same reason?

God has not hidden his help.  It is Man who steadfastly refuses to look up and ask.  Oh they will ask when tragedy comes home.  But they want no part of eternity here.

Trillions of things spoken everyday.  Trillions of deeds done without God.  And they marvel when depression comes knocking on the door.

The world is fast asleep!  Look!  The judge is standing at the very door!  Enter Holy Lord and take those things which are rightfully yours.  Let them sleep until they stand before you eternally awake!

Or let them consider!  Let their eyes be opened that they may see what they do!  But when will that happen?


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