Wake.  You who say “Shhhhh”, wake.

Look.  You who close your sleepy eyes.

Listen. You who fill your ears with tripe.

Your legs are broken.

Yet you think you can run.

You have religion.

But you have no Strength.

Wake.  The Living God moves among you.

But your stupor of greed restrains your senses.

You do not shed blood.

Yet you murder the souls of thousands.

Look.  See how the children reflect the doings of the inner room of the parents.

Listen.  The children hate with abandon, for they are not taught to revere the Lord of Hosts.

You give birth to babies, breaking their legs before they can learn to walk.

Yet you expect them to run!

You gladly receive a happy word from fools.

But you despise the Holy Word from the Living God’s Holy Son.

You are dead, even as you think you live.

Seek the Lord while He can be found.

Look about you.

See how the door has shut in your face.

Look at the horror that is your precious hope.

Look in the streets!

Can’t you see what’s happening to your precious hope?

Seek the Lord or remain dead, even while you think you live.

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