Parable of the Mansion

Man is like those who have unrighteously broken down the doors of The Mansion on The Hill.  With great rebellion they entered and tore down the beautiful things.  The things that were sacred, to he who owns the mansion, were replaced by plastic trinkets.  Worthless painted, fradulently filthy objects, replaced the purified gold.

They have reveled in that spacious Palace, without regard to its heritage.  With drunken revelry they have made his beautiful place a stench.

In some of the rooms they have set up idols to their own hands.  They set up guards to restrict entrance to what they call sacred.  The rebellious restrain the rebellious.  This is what they call truth.

But the owner has known.  He has sent spies among them to report the evil that lives in his house.  He has sent servants to warn the rebellious.  “The one who owns this place will return to it.  He will see what you have done.  He will see your face; the face of those who have called his house theirs.  Not a single one will escape punishment!”

He owns the house.  He owns the hill.  He owns the seas, the air, the food, and even the souls of those who have taken what is his.  He owns the vastness of the universe.  He owns the language that man has turned evil.  He owns the brains which have conceived worthless imaginary religions.  And he will tear this place down!

Man will be caught.  He will be stopped in stride.  Even while he goes about his filthy business, God will pluck him up.

Who is wise to cease his madness?  Who is wise to listen?  Who is wise to beg mercy even while his hands are filthy with destruction?

See how the Mansion resists the will of man to destroy.  See how, though it is a shell of what it was, it remains a place of testimony.  See the strength of God and consider!