I wake this morning from a dream.  I dreamt that all my sins were exposed before all men.  There is no fear from the dream.  Expectation, yes.  Fear, no.  For even if all the world were informed about the things I have done, in their total, it would not change the message the Lord has given us all.

All this exposing would do is expose the wickedness of man to accuse.  There is one who bears that name eternally.  They would, then, be showing who their father is.

It is Christ who saves.  It is not the righteousness of any man that can save him.  Yet it is the humble confession before the Living God, regarding a man’s sins, that brings the Mercy of God to the rescue in Christ Jesus.

This message will not leave my lips because others proclaim what can be easily dredged up from the filth of my days.  I will give willing and continual glory to the One who has saved my soul.

Though they point to my sins, they cannot point to the beautiful hours the Lord has spent with me in prayer.  Though they can accuse, they cannot defend me.  It is Christ who defends me.  And the Holy One of God is beyond their reach to accuse.

It is in His Righteous blood that my soul finds joy.  Without question, their unholy accusations can only touch me.  Even so, no accusation from any man can touch my soul, which is cradled in the Living God’s Promise.

Let all who worship the Living God in Christ Jesus say the same.  Without this proclamation, there is no boldness.  And I refuse to cower because a few unholy servants of the Liar rise up and speak what can be easily be found.  There is sin in every Man, yet they will cast stones when the passion for self righteousness overcomes them.