Division is made between the politics of man, which people say is a necessary evil, and the Holy commands of God.  One sides with this because he says it is expedient, another sides with that for the same reason.  Really?  Is that really the best we can do?

I hear from God that the judgement is coming for just such things.

Shall it be necessary for God to say to anyone of us, “You did not stand apart from them.  You did not warn them.  You did not speak of the murderous things men do”.

All for the sake of the mighty dollar.  You cannot serve both God money.  Didn’t he say this?  Why don’t we believe Him?

As a servant of the Most High God in Christ should I pity man because he does these things?  Should I give men quarter and say, “Oh but it is necessary”?  Or is it right to stand with eternity to proclaim the will of God without fear and without compromise?

I am nothing.  I am no one.  But the living God is God of all!

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