The Religion of Speculation

The recent downswing in the stock market shows the fragile environment that Man relies so heavily upon.  Speculative investments and mass production have become the religion of the day.  And in this religion there is no god but Man.

This god that Man has created will rebell against those who have created it.  It is an unsustainable desire for wealth and prosperity.  It is created by dead desire, therefore it has no life in itself.

This is to speak of the way things are from the perspective of Man.  But what has been said here has not taken into account the active involvement of the Living God.  For while the things of man deteriorate and act against the ones who set it up, the earth itself will begin to undermine the desires for security.

Where crops were stable, feeding the creators of false religion, they will begin to fail.  Where infrastructure was dependable, it will be shattered in various places.  But still man will lie, saying that things will get better.

There is no god but the Living God in Christ Jesus.  There is no sustaining strength except that which God provides.  There is no hope but that which lay in Truth.  There is no peace but a life led under the direct guidance of the Lord Jesus.  There is no sustaining power but the blessing of God on those who are righteously bent toward his will.

Consider these things with strong sobriety.


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