The Pursuit of Discipline

A man will lack sleep.  He will let go the essential to focus on his desire.  The night is witness to his shadow on the wall, busily pursuing his ambition.

Suffering comes in variety of form as he disciplines himself to his intention. 

He loses friends.  His house becomes unkempt.  His belongings rot away.  His reputation suffers irreparable damage.  With extremely keen focus, he chases after his desire with the most excellent of discipline.

Discipline has specific marks.  Ideally chaos suffers defeat through discipline.  But even in chaos (wicked abandon) a man may cause damage to everything and everyone else; that he may pursue his desire.

See how every man has intense desire within him.

The question is, intent.  To what does a man’s desire aspire?

By our nature our desire is bent toward selfishness.  But if a man will turn his desire toward the Holy One of God, discipline becomes the roots of life.

With excellent abandon of all that is around him, men pursue with diligence the discipline of accomplishment.  If this is true in the things that are useless, why not turn our discipline to what is Eternal Life?


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