What Was, Still Is.

Why do we do the things we do?  Why have we learn to love what we love?  What causes a man to gravitate toward one sin or another?  Why is ignorance so beloved while wisdom and sobriety wander like orphaned children?  It is impossible that any man should answer these things.  At best they can only say, “It is the way of Man”.

Centuries ago (Pick a moment in time.) one man made a choice.  He agreed with wickedness; to perform and action of death.  Once the deed was done, the ripple effect into future days has not ceased.  No, it is carried in the soul of those who came from his day.  It is carried like a disease to the generations that follow.

As it is so with one man, centuries ago, so it is with all the men who lived in his day.  The laws they made, the words they spoke, the perceptions they held so dearly, the deviceiveness they encouraged without end, the judgments they made, the dress codes they approved or disapproved, how they segregated one man from another by language, color of skin, or other cultural differences, what lies were considered innocent, what does were considered necessity, didn’t all these things shape the mind of those to come?

Certain wickedness is adored, while holiness is forgotten.  Protections are made for certain wicked people, while the righteous go abandoned.  And haven’t we inherited all these things?

Add to this, our own imaginations.  Look around and see what we adore.  Aren’t we shaping the inheritance of those who will come after us?  And how will they know what they believe?  How will they be able to divide between what is necessary and what is inherited from the wicked who came before them?

Such is the plight of man to suffer in his own vile filth.  Yet the good news of God remains.  If we will humble ourselves and call out to him for help, he will give us what we never had.  The more diligent the soul, the more God will give.  In Christ Jesus, he will save us from our ignorance.

Is it any wonder that so few find “The Way?

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