When the Sun Rises

Many who think themselves to be firm Christians are compromised.  This is not suspicion or an attempt at slander, this is the way it is.  While they embrace many things of Christ they also embrace many things of the world.  We are told that such lives will suffer loss.

On the day when Christ rises to judge his people, many will realize for the first time that they had compromised their lives.  Sucked into the lure of unholy depravity, many perceive the things of this world to be beautiful.  Will that perception remain when the loss they are to suffer is presented to them personally?

As we keep our mind focused on eternity, that is being in the presence of the Most High God’s Holy Son, the glitz of this world tends to lose its pull.  Isn’t it written that we should not be deceived, but that a man will reap what he sows?

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