Indelible, Unavoidable, Undeniable

Though we clean the windshield, the Yellow Jacket is still drawn to the smell of death that remains.

Though we conveniently forget the things we have done, the stench of our sins accompanies us to the Glorious Throne of God.

We will all stand without excuse to give account of ourselves for the things we have done here in this body.  And it doesn’t matter whether you believe these things or not.

I don’t say this to frighten anyone.  Let it simply be a fire of encouragement. 

Righteous wisdom radiates from the Living God.  He gives freely to anyone who will believe.  Make no mistake, the righteous wisdom which God gives freely directs the soul to Christ Jesus His Righteous and Holy Son.

We either prepare ourselves to learn and do, or we are prepared beyond our volition to appear and give account.

Let sobriety be the banner of our days.


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