Merry Christmas?

Is it ridiculous to say “Merry Christmas” to the rebellious souls of this world?  Someone would answer, “Why would you not put a smile on someone else’s face”?

Isn’t saying Merry Christmas to one who does not have eternal life in Christ, like trying to make a condemned prisoner smile by telling him the world will soon be rid of a murderer?  Do you really expect him to share in your joy?  Are you right to try to give him a hope that does not belong to him?

What does Merry Christmas mean?  Isn’t it that we take joy in the work of Christ within us?  Isn’t it that eternal life IS, because God cannot lie and has sealed his promise with the blood of His Holy and Righteous Son?  And doesn’t the promise from the Holy Spirit give us a quiet joy that is inexpressible to the ears of Man?  Isn’t this what Merry Christmas means?

For those who believe and receive His guidance toward righteousness and purity, indeed Christmas can be merry.  But for those who simply want a smile, a gift, and a good work, Christmas cannot be eternally merry.  It is impossible for such creatures to grasp the meaning of “Merry Christmas”.

I’m not saying we should be cruel.  But I am saying we should think about what tradition tells us to do.  Falsehood can come in a beautiful evening gown, dancing elegantly in a sparkling ballroom.  Do we really desire truth?

How unpopular this message must be for so many.


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