The Peace of Fear

In every religion of man there is an element of what can be called peace.  Even among the seculars there is a place where men call themselves peaceful.  But the peace they proudly wave about is more passivity for the sake of gain.

Today I read a small story in the news about how many Islamists are saying their religion teaches peace. 

I am not a scholar.  I am not an authority on Islam.  And I am no one.  But to hear them say such things appears to me to be ridiculous.

The fear of beheading can cause a man to live a relatively peaceful and subservient life.  The fear of a law that takes off one’s hand or arm or leg, this can cause a man to live a relatively peaceful life among his brothers.

But from what I know about the laws of Islam it is not a peaceful religion at all.  It is a body of laws regulated by fear.  There can be no peace among people who fear the eyes of one another. 

Don’t the secular people do the same things?  Don’t they fear one another’s eyes to the point that they desire to live in peace?  Their god is the dollar bill and fame.  But the construct of their worship is based on fear.

I would have believe the words of the Islamist who spoke those things if he had used the word passive.  “Our religion teaches passivity.”  Yes I would have believed that.

In this world of utter chaos and greed, there can be no peace.  The peace that Jesus teaches comes from a war within the man.

I may have written this without knowledge.  It may be a jumbled mess of words.  But I’m sick and tired of hearing people use God to support their inactivity toward what is true peace.

Just for the sake of clarity I’m going to leave this as it is.  It’s just one man speaking his own mind in a din of futile conversation.


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