No Punishment?

They say, “Look I have lied and nothing has come of it.  God has not punished me.  I am perfectly sound of body and mind”.

By this they go about lying without fear of punishment.  Could it be that the punishment is not physical?  Could it be that the punishment comes in the way of denial; that the Glory of God is distant from them?

They lie because it is their nature.  And the transforming power of God to be faithful to truth is distant from them.  But they don’t see this.

Their eyes are on the things of this world.  They expect the things of God to appear in the same way that a man will appear. 

God is Spirit, man is flesh.  But the day will come when every man is no longer flesh.  On that day everyone will appear before the Most High God and receive the just and full punishment for his wickedness.

By their lack of punishment, men even have gone so far as to say there is no God.  But look how blind they are to what is forever.  Look how they fail to to take into consideration that God has never lied, from forever to forever he is true.

There is the gospel; the sacrifice of Christ Jesus for every liar.  But let this article simply point out our need for the gospel.  The words of Christ are not far from us.  Go and search them out.


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