Hope and Change

To the stars and beyond!”
How the worthless is praised.
On display before all –
With mindless eyes glazed.

Prayers by the billions
To the singers of song.
To these ones,
Prayer belongs?

The one who offers
Profitless words
Receives the greatest praise.
While the profit of Men
Is spent . . .
Futilely filling their days

Where is understanding?
Did wisdom go and hide?
A thrashing in the night,
Was missed,
As …………………
Wisdom died.

Did the Morning Sun change color?
Does the grass grow from the sky?
Does the wind secrete from below the ground?
Then why is wisdom not to be found?

The Knowledge of ancient ones,
Lay abandoned
On the ground.
Lifeless words have
Taken “PLACE
Gilded chants surround.

What gives them right
To change “What Is”
To an empty promise of Man?
What gives them right
To praise the ones
Who despise
“I AM”?


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