Freedom Fighters?

I see people fighting for freedom (so to speak).

So to speak of fighting; the fight Americans are putting up is more akin to complaining.

So to speak of freedom; the great majority of Americans have never lived under a totalitarian regime.  They have no idea what it’s like to live without freedom.  And they would be seriously hard pressed if you ask them to define what freedom is.

Passion is born of experience. 

The same is true with the Gospel of Christ.  Happy is the average person who calls himself a Christian:

.To go to Church (when he wants to)

.To be accepted in his social situation (as if saying you’re a Christian makes it so)

.To stay out of trouble and to stay out of jail

.To have some future unknown hope (leaving the entirety of heaven in the hands of those who are there; preferring ignorance over understanding)


.To live his life as he pleases “knowing” that the forgiveness of Christ will cover him in the end (such a man has absolutely no reason to fight for anything)

A man fights for what he knows.  The one who knows how precariously he stands as a free man, fights with all he has to keep his freedom.  The one who does not understand freedom, does not fight.  And such a man will not understand what I have just written.

The offer of Christ is free.  Accepting his offer will cost you everything you have.


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