The Singular Miracle

The gospel is minimized to the best of Man’s ability.  Within the days of Man, all the chores of the flesh take precedent.  And today so very many even actively campaigning against miraculous work of God.

Blind, blind and blind are all the people.  Who has considered The amazing puzzle.  Who sees the Christ of God for what He is?

It is not as though the Christ suffered periodically among God’s enemies;  as if once every 30 billion years the Holy Word of God must enter a creation that despises him, and be crucified for their unholy sake.  The precious miracle of God has blossomed; the Son of God has been sacrificed.  But who sees it as it is?

From Adam until now billions of men have come and gone.  Yet only a handful have understood.

In his excellent Holy wisdom, the Living God has made this place of testing.  It’s a done deal folks, and we’re living in that moment.  The Eternal God has performed his eternal task.  Even while we rested in Oblivion.  And even while I write this, that particular oblivion continues.

The reaping is next.  The final word will be spoken and all the souls of men will appear before the Living God.  Still men minimize the grand work of God to create this place.

The illusion of the temporary is that powerful.  Days come and go, and the mind of man is captured by the things that are not eternal.  How easily we push aside the reality of eternity.  “I’ll consider eternity when I get there.” Perhaps many even blame our limitations and use them as excuses.

This is not written to make people feel guilty.  It is some faulty and meager attempt charge our minds according to the truth of God in Christ.

See the gospel for what it is.  God’s Holy Son has been tested and found worthy to be granted exceedingly great Glory.  Once and for all he has become Master by the test he endured among us.  For eternity he had not been glorified.  But now for eternity he has!

Wake and consider these things.  We do not live in a place that will continue forever.  And at the sum of our days we will appear for the reward that belongs to us for the sake of our doings.  Where does the Holy strength of God rest in our minds?

By the wisdom of God we are not “just passing through”.  We live our days inside eternity.  Today IS forever.  Christ Jesus is glorified.  Once and for all eternity has done an unspeakably beautiful work.


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