My Place

Come, listen and perceive.

You are First, and forever so, Holy Father.

For you are Life and Continuing, forever and forever.

And your Glory displayed in your Holy Son, likewise is he; continuing, life, joy, peace, majesty, righteousness, justice, the singular door to Life, the Grace of the Living God.  In all this and more, he is First.

And those who have been faithful to your Holy and Righteous Way, those who did not fall away or think to do so, these are first.

And those who hold your promise faithfully against the wind of sin.  These are first.

And those who have heard of your Great Glory in Jesus, those whose eyes are only beginning to open, these are first before me.

For I perceive my feet, how they stand with heel over the edge.  The pit behind me, the promise under my toes. 

And do I hear you speak to me, yes indeed I do.  “Fall on the Promise.”

By necessity my face finds “Forever Grass”.  And so I cling, with desperate intent.  The precarious cliff on which I lay, is firm and forever by your Holy goodwill.

They are first before me.  Yet perceive precious soul: the place of last is far better the neverending place of fire.

There I will stay, or better.  Arms like steel cables, fingers like chisels staved into the grass of forever. 

My will dressed in his.  Life is his desire.  Unequal to mine, it ascends to forever.

The soles of my feet: from them rises a vapor of destruction.  But cling I will because of his will!

The Living God is Good!


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