Hate me, blame me, please

I have learned that if something goes wrong for me , in some measure it’s my fault.  Even if there are valid reasons why I made a mistake, I’m still involved in the mistake.  Damage was done and I had a hand in it.

People blame one another all day long for various things gone wrong.  And let’s be truthful, men seek out a scapegoat regardless the blame. 

But why shouldn’t the Christian receive blame willingly?  The Christians are the only ones who are forgiven for their sins.  So then let the blame fall on me, so that the entire matter can be done away with before the Living God.

Isn’t that the meaning of the sacrifice of Christ?  The Lord Jesus was the only innocent one to bear all the sins of men.  I am by no means innocent.  How much more willingly should I receive the blame for things done wrong?

The question is, do I believe.


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