How I find my soul longing, from time to time, for the place where the following is not:

The torrent of vulgarities, Lies, hatred, violence, wickedness in all its various forms, Godless gods worshipped by empty Souls, the flood of Sorrow we own from the day we are born, the Hopeless fear of loneliness, the endless oppression of weakness, the constant and frantic gathering for those things we should not have, the ceaseless grappling for knowledge, etc.

In the place I am desiring, all that is good thrives and grows.  In the place I am presently living, everything that is good is referred to as a shame.   The diligent receive vulgar labels.  The unrighteous are heralded as icons of maturity.

I long for a rain of righteous words.  I search for a field of beings whose pure smiles are full of endless Joy.  Here we pay dearly for a simple friendly embrace.  But in this place I have heard of, friendship never ceases.

Here they love you as long as you are profitable.  But love in the place of my heart has no measure or monetary value.

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn to months, months turn into years and  years turn to decades; where the lack of Love begins to wear down the mind.

Let hatred die, as surely it must.  Let the despising isolation fade Into Oblivion.  Let the race for pride fall in mid gait. 

Come Lord Jesus!


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