Worthless Powers

The superstitions of Man are so abundant and deeply rooted that we often live in endless trouble determining what is false and what is true.  The Living God alone is true.  He has glorified his Holy Son as the only source of Truth. 

We say we know this.  How is it then that we continually turn to superstition as a testimony of what is strength?  “I hope luck will be with me.”  “Maybe Fortune will smile on you.”  And I won’t name the kind of so-called gods people use to bless one another.

Why do we beat around the bush?  Why do we call on every “power” but Jesus, when we speak to one another about prayer and the power of God?  Why is the name of the only true God so hideous that we are ashamed to speak it with confidence?  Are we truly afraid that others will laugh at us?  Is that all it takes to make us cower in the dark shadows?

Whose opinion matters?

You are all greater than I.  You are all reasonable and trustworthy people.  You have not done the things I have done.  But add this understanding to the things you do.  Then you will be the people you say you are.

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