America the Beautiful

America is such an interesting case study for Human Nature.  Freedom is flaunted as the most desirable thing.  But what do they do with their freedom?  They sell it to the highest bidder.

In my lifetime, I have seen America exemplify the reality of human nature, sin.  The pendulum of Freedom swings wildly between love and hatred.  Right now they are thinking of the definition of love.

I have seen America hand the fabric of their freedom over to social etiquette.  America will do whatever Society demands.  Regardless the cost, regardless collateral damage.

Right now it’s popular to love.  So America is all about equality and love.  But I have seen America hate for the same reason.

This is a very unpopular message.  But you should know, the pendulum will swing again.  Remember the British, the Indians, the Chinese, the Blacks, the Japanese, it’s own soldiers, the Hispanics, and the list keeps going on. 

Who’s next?  It seems like America is willing to love, but it also needs someone to hate.  Evidently this is what free people do.  But I refuse to believe that this is what godly people do.


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