The Mechanics of “Gain”


If we want to accomplish anything, then we go after those things of accomplishment.  If we want to fail we chase after those things that cause failure.  Most people want to gain.  But there are many who have a death wish.   (I did)

I take note this morning that the problem with Society is that they think they can drink from a mixed cup and still get what they want.

They want to live righteously, but they fill their lives with unrighteous things.  They want to be considered respectable.  But they live their lives with a measure of disrespect.

To whatever measure we introduce unholy things to our mind, we will lack holiness.  To whatever measure we dabble in unrighteousness, we will be unrighteous.  To whatever measure we refuse to believe and follow the Gospel of Christ,  to that measure we will fail to be his disciples.

What do we allowed to burn away our days?  On that day we see Christ Jesus, we all want his smile and open arms.  What are we doing to make sure that happens?


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