Lessons From Creation

Will you do as the world demands, “Cast the past away”?
Will you join with them in the frenzy of NEW?

When it comes to explaining the person you are,
What, under heaven, will you do?

Take a lesson from creation.
Abandon that fruitless libation.
Visit that place where your roots dug in deep.
See all your sins . . .
And weep.

Now Look to Him;
The Great Wondrous Dawn!
Look to the place
Where your horror is gone.

What is Christ to us?
The Eternal Great Hope,
Toward which we long.


What is the heat of summer to me?

The cold of winter cannot freeze.

Winds will blow and threaten me.

Calm presides my royalty.

What sounds I’ve heard.

Nests of little birds.

Moss and bugs to me absurd.

I stand my ground unnerved.

At dawn I wave to light yet born.

Come color me, Eternal Morn.

“Wake with me, sleep to scorn.

And stand your ground with darkness torn!”


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