What are we lookin at?

Don’t look at the bum.  Look at the man.  Look past his position in society.  Look past the dirt and a shame.  Look past the isolation.  Look past the potential violence.  See the child who desires love.

Don’t look at the Fashion, pretty hair, makeup and elegance.  Look at the woman.  See the precious little girl she still is.  See how she is caught up in what she was taught; the lie of seduction.  Help her see that what she has learned is not helpful; love her as a soul. 

Don’t look at the flashing smile, rehearsed gestures, pretty words and promises.  Look at the man who says he’s a politician.  In his place, the tools of his trade are lies.  But he is still a little boy.

Don’t listen only to the religious words a man speaks.  Look at the man.  Full of misunderstandings, he strives to master the unknown.  Help him do so with you in mind.  Then, benefit comes to both.

Why do we refuse to judge rightly?  Why are we so lazy that we receive the veneer without thought?  Love is not that willingly blind.  Why do we refuse the eyes that God is so willing to give?

Help where we can.  Correct where we must.  In all things, let our minds be directed by the Holy will of God.  Then our judgments can stand the test.

Don’t look at your accomplishments, no matter if they’re religious or secular.  Look at the man and weep.  Yet do not judge before the appointed time.  Assess with the sobriety of Christ.  Leave room for Life.  Forever, you will be nothing more than a baby.

Judge all things with eternity in mind. 

“THINK ETERNITY!”  Think love.  Do what it says!  Become the people you say you are.


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