The Man, the Predator

I’m not sure how to begin this post.  But I do know what I want to say.  I’m saying this from one man to all other men.  And I firmly believe I have the backing of my Lord Jesus.

See the beautiful woman, the one you found yourself lusting after.  You remember all the delicate wickedness you let roam around free in your mind.  You know what I’m talking about.

Put that aside and pull up a chair.  Let me show you what the Lord showed me.

In the beginning he made them male and female.  But this was the limit imposed on their bodies.  Their soul has no gender.

Death comes and the body is laid in the ground.  But the genderless soul goes to wait for the glorification of our God in Jesus. 

What are we doing?  We are persecuting another soul.  We do damage to ourselves, this is beyond debate.  But let your heart consider the following:
They did not ask to be female.  They did not ask to be an object of lust.  They want love and acceptance and freedom to live as God intended them to be.  What right then do you have to destroy their desire?

I speak of these things from their perspective.  Every beautiful woman has a man close behind her.  She doesn’t have to guess.  She doesn’t have to turn around.  Can you imagine the feeling of being watched by a predator everyday of your life?  Who are you to inflict such fear on another?

I do not need to speak to you about the judgment to come.  That place where every man will give account for what he has done in the body.  I speak to you as a fellow man.  Curb your lust!  Stop being full of murder.

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