Pathetic Silence

It makes me sad to look about.
Our cities under siege.
The “dead” in homes,
Lives like drones,
Amazed at what they see.

The Devil comes and takes away.
No words are spoken.

“No way!

If we speak,
He’ll take us too!
Then, tell us what we all should do.
We’ll leave it to the likes of you.”

The bully on the playground
Pounds and pounds and pounds.
Daring those who watch him work
To make a single sound.

Is this the life you want to lead?
Are shadows giving what you need?
Why can’t you see the pitiful plight
Of he one who bleeds and has no fight?

Be silent then!
Your days well spent,
Watching Death on your TV.
The challenge is there in front of you.
The challenge is up to you and me.

See how the gospel is hidden.
Even surely by those who know!
See how the evil one has risen.
Without striking a single blow.


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