Evidence of Belonging

How should we spend our days?  Doesn’t it depend on whose you intend to be.

Let’s make a choice with finality.  Either Christianity is a mere religion, or it is the power of God to transform.  Either the words of God are benign “good sayings”, or they are filled with Holy Fire.  The life we lead proves the choice we’ve made.

Heaven rages with eternal love toward Man.  Blazing with holy duty, all of Heaven is busy in the preparing of the sons of God.  Construction of the age to come includes the preparation of those who will inhabit it.

Those who join in this holy frenzy will enter beyond this place with little change in their character.  Having a allowed God to create within them, they are fast becoming a welcome addition to the throne of Christ Jesus.

Such people have no room for trivia.  Such people do not hide in the shadows.  Though they are compelled to use the things of this world, they do not rise every morning to satiate the desires of the flesh.  Like sunflowers, they seek the will of the Living God to grow within them; always tracing the Son across every day’s sky. 

On rising they call out to His Holy name in Jesus.  Without thought, the eyes of their soul look to him in every decision they make.  They will be welcome, for the work of God within them provides what is required.

Give thought to this.  Eternity is now.  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for He who is Righteous, for they shall be filled!


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