Today. . .

O Man!

What have you done, that you wake every morning to consume without thanks?  What have you commanded to be built for your pleasure?  All the while forgetting the history that brought you TODAY.

It is God who supplies all the materials you misuse.  Stop and consider.

Yet, I perceive you will change nothing.  Today will be the same as all which came before; all praise to Man and disrespect to God.

Your greedy eye is focused on the possibilities of tomorrow.  With violence you gather.  With violence you retain.  With selfish ambition you laugh and dance with joy.  Yet the day will come when the One you have spurned appears to claim what is His.

You know what is required of you.

And shouldn’t someone speak on behalf of the One who owns all these things?  Shouldn’t the light blaze as the darkness pervades?


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