To the Christians (The People)

Struggle to understand this:  The phrase “Politically Correct” is an oxymoron.  For God Alone is true.

See the understanding for what it is, and act accordingly.  Sin is not “OK”.

The People have been purchased.  They have become slaves of the one who holds them ransom.  A liar and thief holds them captive.  All the while he says this:  “Do as you are told and I will let you live“.  And what are they told to do?  “Call every truth a lie and every lie the truth”.  (Is it really necessary to define life?)

Pride has become God among a people who should have life, and greed has become their altar of worship.  For the sake of fruitless gain, they employ the tools of their Captor.  Have they indeed been set free?  Where is the proof?

Holy wisdom should be their guide and strength.  Instead, they turn to the wisdom of Man.  The shiny bauble of “safety” has become a hope in their eyes.  They should rather die than compromise.  Look around, is this what you see?

Silence is a noise among The People!  In all that they say, they lie.  This noise is silence for it means nothing.  It accomplishes nothing!  It is like listening to a gaggle of geese and trying to interpret their words.  For all the noise they make, they say nothing.  They flap their wings and make great gestures of command.  But they sing the song of Chaos.

With the point of a sword against their throat, The People are commanded to utter lies.  See how happily they obey.  See how they agree with a wisdom that is no wisdom at all.

You have been set free.  Shall you then join these people as if you are kidnapped?  Why do you stand still with fear when the door is wide open?  Your Ransom has been paid.  Why then do you still speak like a goose?

See this for what it is.  Now be bold and point it out!   Now be strong, and be set free!


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