Public Note to Self

Define purity.

Three men appeared to Abraham.  At that time a marvelous blessing was given to Abram.  And at that time, a horrible declaration was understood (surprisingly quickly).  They were in route to visit Sodom for the sake of Destruction.

As two of the men left to their destination, Abraham detained the One with questions about justice.  And I read these words, “Now the two angels came to Sodom in the evening”.

When I read the words I didn’t have a slice of time to wonder.  I knew.  The Majesty of God will never set foot in the place of Destruction.  It is enough that He should hear the reports and send emissaries for the sake of His will. 

If you wonder why Jesus, the very word of God, appeared among us (in our place of destruction), it’s because Jesus was sent as an emissary – for the sake of his Father’s will, and for our salvation.

Do not take these words at face value.  Think as deeply as the Lord’s wisdom will allow.

Consider this, and answer with truth, define purity.


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