Love Everybody

How many times I’ve heard it and knew there was something wrong.  “Love everybody no matter what they’re doing.”

According to sentimental value I would rate that about a 10.  But as far as truth goes I rate that below zero.

Love does not let you stand at the edge of a cliff and smile while you jump to your death.

Love does not ignore the truth of the Living God for the sake of your injured pride.

Love will gladly take your ridicule and hatred, for don’t you already hate the one who sent us.

Love is for life, eternal life.  Love does not cater to the pleasures of sin.

See the bee sitting on my jugular vein.  Wouldn’t the one who loves me brush it off quickly.  Should I despise him because his slap hurt?

God challenges us to love the sinner enough to sacrifice ourselves so that we may wake them up!  No, we can’t all just get along!


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