Forced to Speak!

The compulsion to share the Gospel of Christ everywhere, is not a sign of a righteous man.  It is the sign of a man who has been forgiven a vast multitude of sins.

It is the sign of a man who knows what the end of his life would have been without Jesus the Christ of God.  And such a man knows that this potential loss belongs to everyone! 

The more vividly we see the end result of sinful lives, the less likely that fear will silence His Holy words.

Loss is a perception based on a foundation of potential gain.  (Think that one through)

“Christ has saved me from Eternal and sure destruction.  What consequence is it to me if Man despises the words of praise I have for Him?  And what strength belongs to any of their threats?”

People speak about what they adore.  People readily warn about the greatest of dangers.  Where your treasure is there your heart will be also.


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