Do It!

You may say in your heart, “I’m ready to start talking about Jesus every opportunity I get”.  But if you haven’t been doing it, you and I both know the reason.  You’re afraid of what people will say about you.  You’re afraid you’ll lose your job.  You’re afraid you’ll lose your friends and your social position.  You’re afraid your family will suffer. 

Now, for the sake of argument, let’s just say you and I sat down together to discuss this.  In the course of conversation, you made it clear that you think you’re ready.  You’d have to excuse me for not getting all excited.  If you were ready you’d already be doing it.

Count the cost.  Once you begin there’s no turning back.  And I know you’re aware of that.

Count the rewards.  Once you begin,  God will bless you in his work.  He will give you things to say.  He will give you specific things to do.  He will fill your heart with wondrous things, and his blessings will be a natural overflow that you won’t be able to stop.

Let’s say you lose your friends.  If they don’t love God, weren’t they lost already?

Let’s say you lose your job.  Do you really think God can’t provide what you need?  Isn’t that the very reason you say you’re a Christian in the first place?

And you see how my excitement dwindles quickly.  You know, the problem is not that people are afraid.  The problem is who and what they love the most.


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