The Ultimate Object Lesson

Are you ready to get your brain full this morning?

I keep saying that we should “think eternity”.  And I promise that the more you do, the more you will be ready on the spur of the moment to speak about Christ your Lord.  More and more, you will replace the fear of evangelism with an excited desire.

Here’s the ticket for the ride of your life:

Absolutely everything in creation speaks to us of the Son of God.  From a pencil and eraser to the depths of the sea.  Every conversation people have.  Every single thought that goes through our minds.  Everything we love and everything we hate.  Everything we use and everything we are willing to destroy.

If you make it a habit to think about it, the association between the common and the Holy will come to you in a split-second.  The real plus here is that it takes almost no discipline at all.  I guarantee you the Lord is willing to help us understand.


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