Stupid might be funny to watch.  But nobody likes it happens to them.  No, serious is the preferred lifestyle.  Stupid doesn’t seem to know this world is out to kill him.  Serious is better armed to defend his turf.

So we look for serious stuff.  We gather a bit here and a bit there.  And the guy goes about with a serious look on his face, thinking he has defended himself from all possible attack.

In your gatherings have you gathered SERIOUS?  I know you found it while you were looking around.  SERIOUS made this place.  SERIOUS it’s never worries when the storms assail.  SERIOUS has it all covered from before you were born to after you are gone.

When you stumbled across The SERIOUS, what was your reaction?  If you were like every other person who ever lived, you’d be better off to go and find it again.  Reassess its value.  Take as much of SERIOUS home with you as you can carry.

That’s my advice.

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