Chilli Perfecto

Praying for someone to become a Christian.

It’s like this:

You want to make a perfect pot of chilli  If you want to get the most out of your ingredients, you’ve got to let it cook for a long time. 

Throw the stuff together with a lot of water.  Put it on slow burn, and be very patient.  Realize that every minute that ticks by , the chili gets better and better.

You have to watch out for it; you have to stir it quite often.  You don’t want any of it to burn in the bottom of the pan.

Prayers and the Lord’s work, in that person, need to be focused on perfection not speed.  And what good is it if you try to serve the chili too soon?  Have confidence.  It’ll taste great!

We have to realize that some people just don’t have enough ingredients to make a really large pot.  Some folks are only going to be able to make one bowl.  Some folks make a smorgasbord out of it.  The point is, great chili takes time.


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