Test Yourself

Either the gospel is true, completely, or it is not.  The gospel says that Christ has come so that his people may become like him.  That’s either true or it’s false.

You will say to me, “Of course it’s true”.  Then why do I see so many, who claim to be Christians, walking exactly as the world tells them to walk?  Why is it virtually impossible to tell the difference between a Christian and an atheist?  Why do these people  love people yet hate the things of the Living God in Christ?

Each person needs to give account of themselves.  Each person needs to stop and take account of the things they do and say. 

Many will think I am judging them because I have said this.  Judge for yourselves.  Look around and observe.  Do you see people who say they are Christians, acting like ambassadors of Truth?  Then of course, look in the mirror.

Would you like a litmus test?  How do you receive those people who speak about God?  Are their words more precious to you than all other people?  If not, do yourself a favor, ask yourself why.

Either our belief in Christ produces the will of God in us or it does not.

People will take what I’ve said here and do as they please with it.  May it please them to please God.


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