The Luckey Ones?

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

The godless think they are enroute to their own pleasure.  They neither consider that God sees, nor that he can do anything about them.  Ignorance and willful abandon are their are gods.  And doesn’t their pursuit of pleasure demand slothfulness?  They obey diligence just enough to get what they want, and no more.  Violence, greed and pride are the mantra of their every step.  Hatred and destruction are their prime reasons for life.  “Destroy your enemy, then you can have their goods.  Love others just enough to steal them blind.

These are real life zombies.  They walk about and do, according  to the rules of death.  But they are not useless, these people of self-will.  God is directing them to the path of his people.  He allows them to float about in reserve until he needs them for his purpose.  Then their path is brought to bear down on his people.

Men and women of The Faith come to believe this is true.  Maturity in Christ demands such a perception.  Righteous obedience to the Lord requires that mindset.  The peace God gives his people proves that His Holy will is being done in all things that come to them.  Nothing, nothing in Christ is arbitrary!

Your path moves in a straight line toward eternal life in Christ.  The wicked mill about in their chaotic endeavors.  Where does your path intersect who?   Think about this with all earnest thought.

Happenstance belongs to those who are godless.  Luck belongs to the dead.  Chance belongs to the groping blind.  But to those who believe by The Faith born from God: “You have intended it for evil, but God has intended it for good”.

Gather your holy wits about you and walk with confidence.  If the Living God is your God in Christ, you have no room for doubt.  If that’s not so, then why does James instruct us to say, “If God is willing”?

(Please don’t let these words sit on my blog.  Have the guts to share them with someone.  Let us do as God commands, “Encourage one another in the Holy Faith”.  Look around.  Who else do you know that speaks words like these?  Why should you share trivia only?  Why not share life?  Or are you really ashamed of me, as I have come to suspect you are?)


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