Unnecessary Slaughter

The Army brought an impressive and massive array of weapons to the war front.  When they had set them in place, their enemy cowered in awe.

Seeing that they had achieved a ceasefire by their display of superiority, the Army dug deep trenches and gathered themselves within them.  There they pleasured themselves with conversation and delights that they had brought with them.  Less than an eighth of a mile from death, they celebrated, relaxed, enjoyed each other’s company, and fell asleep at nightfall.

During the night the enemy sent out spies out along the front.  The spies took note that the threat was not real.  When they returned and told their commander what they had found.  Then, all hell broke loose against their enemy.

The night was lit up to the eye and ear.  Explosions made the night sky look like daylight.  And the sounds of terror could be heard an eighth of a mile away.  When the dawn broke over the battlefield, all that was left of that impressive array were smoldering heaps of wreckage.

Is this what modern Christianity has done?  Have they brought the massive power of the Living God in Christ to the war of this world, only to huddled in their expensive palaces?  While they should advance without fear, they throw a garden party!  While they should be wielding the Eternal words of God, boldly and defiant against the lies of this place, they enjoy each other’s useless dribble of Chit Chat.

Yes it makes me irate!

Judge for yourselves what is right.


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